a virtual doula for moms

Digital Doula is an app whose purpose is to help new parents, especially new mothers, to move positively through the postnatal period after birth and beyond. It is a valuable information resource about all matters relating to the adjustment to new parenthood and the challenges it presents. It addresses typical questions that arise during this powerful life transition and is available at any time of day or night! read more »

Digital Doula can enhance the personal, emotional and relational experience that women and their partners are going through in the days, weeks and months after a baby is born. It draws on the content of the book The Handbook for the Postnatal Period, by Dr Diane S Speier, and will be constantly updated with new material based on the latest research and various sources of information in the public domain.

A doula is someone who mothers the mother, and this app is a virtual doula for women having babies and experiencing both the joys and trials of becoming parents. Digital Doula is chock full of information and resources for new mothers and fathers in the early days after the baby arrives and through the months that follow. Some of the topics included are:

  • ♥ The Fourth Trimester
  • ♥ Breastfeeding
  • ♥ Hormones
  • ♥ Attachment and Bonding
  • ♥ Dealing with the Negative Aftermath of Birth
  • ♥ Nurturing the Couple’s Relationship
  • ♥ Positive Transitions to Parenthood
  • ♥ Finding Community
  • ♥ And more